This is an archived website as the project has now ended.

20130529 135533A workshop entitled "Selection of Best Bet Products" was held on Wednesday, 29th May 2013 at the CSIR-Food Research Institute, Accra, Ghana. The 'selection of best bet products' is an activity under the 'demonstration of technologies with beneficiaries' Work Package (WP6) of the EU FP7 project 'Gratitude'.

The Gratitude project investigates Gains from Losses of Roots and Tubers (Cassava and Yam) with special emphasis on developing useful products from waste (peels, liquid waste and pulp) in Ghana, Nigeria, Thailand and Vietnam.

WP6 is supporting the demonstration of outputs from the project's research activities in rural settings or in collaboration with SMEs. Lessons learnt from these demonstration activities will also support wider dissemination of the technologies developed.

The objective of the workshop was to finalise the selection of products for field activities under WP3 and WP4. Participants included country representatives, entrepreneurs, SMEs and work package leaders of the project. There were presentations on research conducted so far under WP1, WP3 and WP4, which served as background information for the product selection process.

Presentations were made on the following:
• Cassava value chain
• Yam value chain
• Markets for products from waste
• A new product (WP3) and at least two higher value products (WP4)

These presentations provided the necessary background knowledge for making informed choices on the 'best bet products'. Three products were then identified to have the most potential for success: mushroom cultivation from cassava waste, high quality yam flour (HQYF), and animal feed.

Rev. Theopilus Quartey, a mushroom grower and entrepreneur who attended the workshop said: "The workshop was very insightful and successful, and I personally learnt a lot. I was able to identify a chain of opportunities (employment, labour, economical and environmental benefits) for the local farmer to make extra money from the waste from his/her cassava or yam farm. It also brought researchers, scientists and industry members together for their mutual benefit".

The expected output is a Workshop Report on at least 3 of the 'best bet products' selected for field demonstrations and technology transfer.