This is an archived website as the project has now ended.

The overall objective of Gratitude (Gains from Losses of Root and Tuber Crops) is to improve the post-harvest management of cassava and yams leading to reduced physical losses, reduced economic losses through value-added processing and valorization of waste products.

There are 3 impact pathways for this project:

  1. Reduction of physical losses – focusing on fresh yam storage
  2. Value-added processing reducing physical and economic losses in yam and cassava
  3. Improved utilization of wastes (peels, liquid waste, spent brewery waste) producing products for consumption including snack foods, mushrooms and animal feed.

The quantifiable impact of these interventions will be to develop and validate technologies capable of reducing post-harvest losses by the equivalent of 50%. This will be benchmarked as part of one of the work packages.

Beyond these direct results, the lessons learnt and the methodologies for the assessment of reducing losses and increasing the value of what are currently waste products will be shared with other countries from all continents, and also with other groups of countries (Asia, South America) in order to disseminate the results among research communities involved in food research in developing countries.

The project has 8 work packages to achieve the objectives, and the success of the project will depend on the development of viable enterprises to market the value-added products developed in work packages 3 and 4.